About Us

Our Mission

We’re Positively Sustainable, and we’re on a mission to inform and provide insights into eco-friendly living and the utilization of sustainable textiles. Each individual, by making small environmentally-friendly buying choices and implementing small changes at home, can contribute to a better planet. We are committed to researching and presenting the most useful information in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

Positively Sustainable is the premier online community for sustainable living. It’s a place where you can learn how to avoid harmful chemicals, be informed on eco-friendly products, and get the strategies and tools you need to go organic. With people around the world concerned about global warming, industrial chemicals that cause cancer, and a changing planet, we’ve become one of the most trusted voices sharing the best of eco-friendly living.

Our Policies

We are committed to providing detailed research on lifestyle and products we recommend, and try to be as transparent as possible about our policies.
Our disclosures and disclaimers are found here on how this website sustains itself through referral fees and how we evaluate products.

No one’s life journey is the same, and we want to help get you started if you desire a heathier lifestyle and one that supports the planet. Although Julie has a science-based Master’s Degree and Brian has been buying and reviewing products for over 40 years, these are only opinions based upon the research we and other team members have done. No amount of advice we could give you takes the place of your own judgement, ethics and values.

We urge you to use our information as a jumpstart to your own research and make decisions based upon what you believe and stand for.

 Our Founder Julie Teaching at a Permaculture Course