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Review of Eco Friendly Products

Green Product Reviews

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Review of Eco Friendly Products

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Purchasing Eco Friendly Products that are Truly Green

Green Products Reviews

We’ve look in depth at green and eco friendly products. 
Our green product reviews and guides have sustainability scores to help you decide what is best.

Sustainability Score


How sustainable is the product you want to buy? Here’s our scoring system.

How sustainable is it?

Background on Green Products Reviews

Green Product Certification

There are hundreds of green product labels. Which ones are the most meaningful?

Organic vs Sustainable vs Green

Labels can be confusing. Here's the breakdown.

Characteristics of the best Eco-Friendly Products

These 10 characteristics help define if a product is eco-friendly.


Buyer's Guides for an Eco-Friendly Home

We’ll take you through the latest sustainably-produced innovations to transform your home into a safe and toxin-free destination.

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Sustainable Fibers

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Bamboo Flooring Reviews

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Buyer's Guides

Looking for eco-friendly, sustainable products for your home? We can help you determine what is best with our bamboo-focused Buyers Guides. It’s all right here.

Green Product Questions

We Have Great Answers

It’s when a company leads you to believe that a product is sustainable or environmentally friendly, yet it’s practices don’t support it.

Eco friendly and sustainable can be used interchangeably. However, sustainability can extend beyond this to extend to include social and economic factors.

The Sustainability Score looks at the different environmental, social and economic factors of brands and products, and ranks them based upon our ranking system.

Hate to say it, but…it depends. Bamboo, hemp, wool and even organic cotton can be vary sustainable and eco friendly. However, the manufacturing process can be tough on the environment, where it originates and how far it has to be shipped can also contribute negatively. Our Sustainability Score looks at a wide array of factors.

Eco friendly are products that are do not harm the planet. Non-toxic products or ingredients are free of substances that can harm your health.

Our best advice is to spend some time reading about how products are made and what materials are used in order to help you choose. Our Sustainability Score will help take some of the guesswork out of whether a product is green or not.

Just because a product is marketed as eco friendly does not mean the materials meet the USDA Organic standard requirements. For a product to be labeled as USDA Organic it has to go through rigorous review and regular monitoring by the US Government.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s a certification that is used in the clothing business. The GOTS standard requires that the entire supply chain meets their rigourous environmental and social standards. Standards include that textile contains a minimum of 70% organic (non-synthetic) fibers, dyes be non-toxic, a waste water treatment plant be part of the wet processing process. There are also social standards that be met. 


Sustainable Fibers

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy fabrics. As climate change becomes a priority, alternative and sustainable fibers such as bamboo and hemp are on the rise. Whether you’re committing to minimizing your exposure to toxins, prioritizing sustainable choices in your life, or making a difference environmentally, we’ve got the latest research on sustainable, eco-friendly fibers.

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We strive to provide you in-depth information on bamboo, hemp and other sustainable materials to make informed decision on sustainability.

At Positively Sustainable, we are committed to providing information that will help you to make confident choices about the products you buy. We believe in the power of ethical consumerism to hold businesses accountable and make sure that they are manufacturing products in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Join us on our journey towards a positively sustainable future.