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Composting workshop

Fortify your soil! Discover the essentials of backyard composting with this FREE 3-part video mini-course.

Types of Tomatoes

Save time & money to find which tomato types are best for your garden with this Ultimate Tomato Variety Cheat Sheet!

21 Ways to Pest Proof Your Garden

Keep the critter from getting more out of your garden than you do!
Get this FREE ebook
& defend your garden.


Want more out of your garden?
Kick up your harvests by enriching your soil. Master the art of composting.


Compost tea brewing

Probiotics for Plants!
Learn why Compost Tea will skyrocket growth & how you can make it at home.

Tomato Growing Guide

Take tomato growing to the next level. Cultivate your knowledge with all the essentials of growing and tomato care.

Easy Recipes & Home Made Foods

How to Make Kombucha Tea

[Video] Follow these simple steps to make the probiotically active
Kombucha Tea at home.

Sourdough Bread Making Video

[Video] Easy sourdough bread making - starting in the breadmaker! Capture local yeasts and get terrific flavor.

Curing Olives

If you are lucky enough to live or visit a Mediterranean climate you might find olives growing. Discover how easy it is to brine and cure olives.

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