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Solutions to 10 Common Composting Problems

solutions to problems when composting

Solutions to 10 Common Composting Problems Composting problems?  We’ve got solutions to some of the common composting problems. Check out our composting page for more article on how to compost. 1. Compost Problems: Compost Not Decomposing Diagnosis: Your Compost Could be Too Dry. The soil microbes need moisture in order to decompose the organic material […]

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How to Start A Compost Pile

Start a compost pile

How to Start a Compost Pile When you are contemplating how to start a compost pile there are different factors to consider. We’re going to cover starting a compost pile, including location, considerations for compost bins, the composting method that is best to use, and how to make compost by assembling and adding materials to […]

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What Materials Can I Compost?

what items can I compost

What Materials Can I Use in Compost What materials can I use in compost?  This is a question we get all the time when teaching people how to compost.    Here’s a list of composting items that you can use in your compost pile. Composting Materials – What to Put in a Compost Pile? Below is […]

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Composting 101 – Home Composting

101 on composting

Composting 101 If you are at the Composting 101 level there are few basics that you will need for home composting 101. You will quickly want to graduate and learn the tips and tricks to making the best backyard compost for your plants. What is Compost? Compost is simply the decomposition of organic material.  It’s […]

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What is Compost?

compost defined

What is Compost? The compost definition is simply the decomposition of organic material in the presence of oxygen.  More technically stated to define compost it is the breakdown of any material are carbon based (as opposed to inorganic materials that lack carbon such as plastics, etc). Composting occurs naturally. Just take a walk in the […]

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Hot Composting or Static Pile Composting?

hot composting method

Hot Composting or Static Pile Composting? Hot Composting or Static Composting are the two camps in how to compost.  So what is best?  We’ll cover the pros and cons of hot composting vs static pile composting so you can decide what is best for you. We have a composting page dedicated to providing informative articles. […]

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