Composting - What You Need To Know

Better Compost - Better Soils - Better Plants

Producing quality compost is the best thing you can do for your plants.

Start a compost pile

This article starts with the basics on starting a compost pile. Basic materials, tools, location, and method.

How to Start a Compost Pile
solutions to problems when composting

Got a few problems with your compost pile? Here are solutions to the top 10 common composting problems.

Composting Troubleshooting


Did you know that compost does more than just delivering nutrients? Discover the many benefits - a few will surprise you!

Benefits of Compost

how to compost manure

Got too much manure? Here's how manures can be incorporated into making compost

Composting Manure
compost defined

Covering the basics of compost, this article demystifies what is compost.

What is Compost?
101 on composting

If you are just starting out here's a few Composting 101 details that you will need to know.

Composting 101

what items can I compost

What are the best composting materials for your compost pile? We simplify it for you by dividing it into greens vs browns

Best Materials To Compost
hot composting method

We go over the pros and cons of both hot composting and static pile composting so you can decide what is best for you.

Hot vs Static Pile Composting
composting leaves

Don't just throw those leaves into the landfill! Composting with leaves can provide really great benefits to your garden.

Composting Leaves

Resources for the Growers

Gardening & Growing

Tools & Supplies

Tools for Garden

Discover classes, online workshops and free resources on gardening and growing.  Start here

​ Beginning  Composting

Get started with composting with this 3-Part video mini-course.


Mastering ​ Compost

​Upgrade Your Knowledge & Compost Like the Pros.

Growing tomatoes

Tomato Varieties Cheat Sheet

Save time & money with this ultimate tomato varieties cheat sheet!

21 Ways to Pest Proof Your Garden

21 Ways to Pest Proof Your Garden

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